A-Line Basic Abaya Aaliiaa Samha

Always been looking for an A-line abaya with a high end finish and a great fabric. Then this is the abaya you are looking for. After you've tried this one, you really don't want another one, there's no way back! The abaya is nice and wide, the fabric is supple and not see-through.

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Noora Kimono - Collection

The Noora Kimono is characterized by the light and supple fabric. This is between thin and medium. It is comfortable to wear and gives you a feeling of freedom. This model is more suitable for indoors or during nice occasions / warm days.

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Kimono Abaya - Collection

In addition to the many colors of Kimono Dresses that we offer. We also offer Kimono Abayat. These Abaya models are characterized by the wide arms. The fit is also wider and therefore more covering than a normal simple abaya. Fabric is medium thick.

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