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Great Covering with a Great look

The Rubayq by USS is a pearl for the eyes. The choice of dust has fallen on the Pearl Stretch. Because of the wide design this model is covered. The fabric does not shine and is fine stretchable. Once worn, you want no other!

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USW Kimono Abaya - Collection

In addition to the many colors Kimono Dresses that we offer. We also offer Kimono Abayat. These Abaya models are characterized by the wide arms. It falls model is also more spacious and therefore a normal simple abaya. Fabric is medium thick.

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Jazz Abaya Set

What is more beautiful than being dressed in an Abaya a-line with an XXL hebaab in the same fabric and color. The jazz fabric is perfect here. The fabric is not translucent, feels smooth and has a fine stretch. Do you make the match?

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