What is Hijab (headscarf)

What is Hijab (headscarf)

The hijab or headscarf is known as the Islamic headscarf, and literally means “to cover”. In Islam we mean all aspects of behavior, decency and chastity when we talk about the hijab or headscarf. In practice, a hijab or headscarf is a piece of fabric that is pinned over the head. hijabs or headscarves come in, literally, many different types of fabric sizes and natural colors! Depending on the season and latest fashion colors.


Headscarves are made in many different fabrics, such as Chiffon, Cotton, Linen, Viscose and Crepe. you can choose solid colors or patterns. How someone puts on her hijab or headscarf can also be a hint of the woman's origin. Over time you will learn which fabric you like more and which colors suit you best. You can always keep experimenting with your hijab style. Most ladies like to match their hijab or headscarf with their clothes, their purse or even their shoes. The hijab or headscarf can be transparent or made of a thicker fabric.

Shaping and styling

The hijab or headscarf can be short or long, square or round. You always wear a cap under a headscarf so that the headscarf does not slide off your head. You then pin the headscarf to your cap. The latest trends are also used for wearing a headscarf. Lately the headscarf has been thrown over the shoulders. It is important that the headscarf does cover a woman's breast.

Instant hijab Headscarf

Do you also have a lot of trouble wrapping a headscarf? Then the Instant Kerchief is the invention for you. No more time spent getting your headscarf in good shape or looking for pins in the morning or accidentally puncturing your finger. The Instant hijab is in fact a headscarf that has already been sewn into a nice wrapped model. You literally wear the Instant hijab in two steps. Namely by pulling the two openings over the face and the headscarf fits like a glove in a beautifully wrapped shape.


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