What is a Qamis or Thoub

What is a Qamis or Thoub

The qamis is a traditional Arabic garment (manel) for men. A qamis can come in different lengths, as a shirt / shirt length or up to your ankles.

Neat and easy to combine

It is a practical piece of clothing for men and can also be easily combined with smart shoes or slippers or sneakers. For example, wear a qamis with a blazer over it and you already have a very business look. In summer it is a very refreshing piece of clothing and in winter you can wear a cardigan over it.

What you combine it with makes it business, sporty or just simple. The qamis is a must-have of which every man must have at least one in his wardrobe.

Under a Qamis or Thoub you can wear a cotton T-shirt and cotton pants or normal pants. Please note that this undergarment must be in the same color as the Qamis or Thoub. Also do not wear a T-shirt with a print, because that is visible and does not look really nice and you do not have the elegance of a thoub. Also make sure you iron the Qamis or Thoub well before wearing it, some still want to refrain from doing this.

Sizes of a Qamis or Thoub

With the thoub, the height of the person is very important and that is why the measures of a thoub are indicated in two numbers. This number indicates the length of the qamis and thoub in English INCHES. So size 50 means that the Qamis or Thoub is 50 inches long. To get to centimeters, you have to multiply this number by 2,54. So size 50 gives a length of 127cm. To find out your size, measure yourself from your shoulders to your ankles. Or simply your height minus the head and neck. The head and neck are on average 25 cm long.

The more expensive Thoubs are, in addition to their length, also indicated with an S, M, L… (clothing size). This is the designation for the clothing size (Width / Width) of the Qamis and / or Thoub. If there is no clothing size, you can assume that the width is equal to a Large. If there is a clothing size, you can also assume that the model is fitted, make sure you choose the right clothing size.

Colors and fabrics

A qamis usually comes in one solid color, this can be any color you can think of. The fabric can also differ per design. A qamis usually has an upright collar with buttons. The buttons can of course also differ and sometimes they are decorated with thread. The sleeves can also optionally be decorated with wire. But there are few very exuberant qamis. The qamis quickly makes an outfit elegant and pious.

Famous brands

There are some well-known qualitative brands in the Arab, namely Daffa and Al Aseel. These brands offer a solid fabric but also a very fashionable fit. At Islamitischekleding.nl you can buy the Al Aseel collection in white online.

Our offer

Find our complete collection of Qamis and Thoubs under the heading gentlemen. We offer different models and colors.


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