What is the Niqab

What is the Niqab

The Niqab is the Arabic name for a face veil and covers the entire face except the eyes.

The eyes are not visible at the burqa. The Niqab is easiest to wear over a khimaar. You have many different colors and styles of Niqab's. Usually the Niqabs are sold in the dark colors so that it will be the least noticeable.

Types Niqab and fabrics

There are a number of types of the Niqab, namely 1-layer, 2-layer or 3-layer. You have the short version and the long version.

Versions that fall on your back as a triangle or in a round shape. There are also different types of substances in which these come. You tie the Niqab to your forehead with the sewn-in strings at the back of the head. Then you skip the layer or layers (depending on the model). Some Niqabs also have fabric that you can put over your head so that it falls on your back. It is best to experience for yourself what kind of fabric and what kind of design you prefer to wear. The Niqabs are generally produced in fairly the same light, supple chiffon fabrics.

It is also a matter of experiencing and becoming handy with food. If you don't succeed, we have a good solution for that, namely our comfort niqab. This is a simple niqab where the patch of fabric under the eyes is sewn to the headband with rubber bands. This allows you to easily pull the bottom piece of fabric down while eating or drinking. This frees up the face from the eyes to the chin so that you can eat and drink.

Combine Niqab

It is an option to match your Niqab with your Khimar or with an abaya. It is not common to combine the niqab with a blouse or skirt. The combination is generally with a black abaya or jilbab. However, it may happen that you want to wear a niqab in the area where many men are, for example. But this is not for regular use but for a limited time. It is best to use a Half Niqab or a Tie Back Niqab for this. These are compact and always fit easily in your shoulder or handbag.

Buy a Niqab / Nikab

We offer a nice range of Niqabs, we have the following models:

Feel free to look around or call us for tailor-made advice.

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