What is an Abaya?

What is an abaya?

Do you want to buy an abaya? In the big cities such as The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam you will find several shops where you can buy them! No shop nearby? we offer various fun Abaya online and are happy to deliver it to your home! Order your Abaya online at Islamitischekleding.nl! The trusted webshop for Islamic clothing since 2007.

What is actually an Abaya? The Abaya is a robe-like, simple, loose dress for women, originally from the Arab countries. The abaya covers the entire body except for the hands, feet and face and is as loose as possible to maintain Islamic precepts. There are several types available from the very simple, which are meant for outdoor wear, but also very dainty and more towards a slim-fit model, which are meant when women are together. An abaya is for the woman who simply wants to cover herself elegantly. There are many different types of abayas, you have them with zippers, without zippers, with wide sleeves or sleeves with elastic. Your abaya can be in a solid color or with prints and bows and strings and anything and everything. Are you going for the classic abaya or a luxurious abaya?

Why an Abaya is useful ?! Abaya fulfills the function of an overcoat and is therefore actually a complete outfit. You don't have to stand in front of the wardrobe for an hour to decide what to wear and what combination it will be?!? Especially if you have to dress and take three children to school in the morning; An Abaya is really a life saver! Usually every woman has two or three Abaya that can be immediately put on for the moments when you have to leave the house quickly. These abaya usually match with the nice shoes that you wear regularly and also with a (black) scarf or headscarf. Look under headscarves for our complete collection of headscarves and scarves.

What can you combine an Abaya with? You can do a hijab / headscarf wear or one khimaar / Gimar. You can wear a kimono or smaller cardigan over it. For many ladies, an abaya is essential. With a nice little bag and a pair of nice shoes you can quickly and easily put together a fashionable outfit without too much stress ... only the ironing :). In winter you can wear a jacket or a poncho over it. An abaya is indispensable for your wardrobe for convenience and elegance. In winter days (wet days) it can be annoying if your abaya is too long, it can get really wet and dirty when it hits the ground. Make sure you also have an abaya that comes just below the ankles to keep you nice and dry and clean when it rains.

If you want advice on which abaya suits you best and which size is right for you, call our customer service who will be happy to assist you and where you can ask all your questions about an abaya. As a Westerner, are you about to make a business trip to the Middle East (especially Saudi Arabia or the Emirates)? Which clothing is suitable for women in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Dubai, emirates etc? We are the place to be for professional advice when it comes to what to wear and during what occasion. The visa office in The Hague has referred this group to us for several years now. You are assured of good advice!

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