What is a Kimono

What is a Kimono

The kimono is originally a traditional Japanese garment. It is a loose coat or gown with long wide sleeves. The kimono is a perfect stylish piece of clothing that can complete a simple outfit.

How to Wear a Kimono

The kimono is available in many different lengths and patterns or in solid colors. You can wear a kimono up to your knee or a kimono up to your ankles. Finished with lace or bows or stones, whatever you can come up with. The kimono is easy to match with your headscarf or with your shoes.

It quickly makes an outfit more elegant and quickly looks trendy. A kimono can be matched with many different types of clothing and simply makes it more covering but at the same time very fashionable and chic / classic.

Under a Kimono you can wear a simple abaya, but you actually serve an armless one Slip Dress to bear under. A Slip Dress is a sleeveless dress and fairly fitted. It is much nicer to wear a fitted slip dress so that the slip dress does not “stick” to the Kimono. Instead of the Slip Dress, you can also order the Slim Fit Simple Abaya order.

When to wear a Kimono

There is a Kimono for every occasion. Pay close attention to the model and especially the color and / or print. Some Kimonos are intended for everyday activities. But We also offer Kimonos that are intended for an occasion. For an occasion, the Kimono can be combined very well with heels so that the Kimono lifts off the ground and gives you an elegant look.

Fabrics of a Kimono

A kimono can be made of very light fabric and therefore wonderful in the summer. For the winter there are also plenty of thicker kimonos that can keep you warm. With or without a headscarf, a kimono looks great with every outfit!

Whether you want to keep your outfit simple, fashionable, luxurious, hip or modest, there is a kimono for everyone's taste.

Our range of Kimonos

Islamitischekleding.nl has a wide range of Kimonos and you can find them on the page Kimono Dress. If you would like advice, feel free to contact us!

We wish you a lot of shopping pleasure,

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