What is a Khimar / Gimar

What is a Khimar / Gimar

The Khimar is basically a very long headscarf sewn together. It is a piece of fabric sewn together with a main hole. So it falls over your head, over your neck, shoulders and chest. With this it provides the desired coverage for the Muslim woman.

The khimar comes in different models and lengths. For example, there are khimars with a sewn-in headband and without, with sleeves and without, the finish of the sleeves can differ per model and there are also different types of fabrics that are used depending on the season. At Islamitischekleding.nl you can order different models of khimars online. For example, the one piece khimar is offered, a very long version, or the two piece which is a khimar with skirt or Sirwal (divided skirt).

You have Khimar's up to your hip or up to your knee and even down to your ankle. You have the butterfly or batwing version or one with somewhat tighter sleeves. Khumor (plural of Khimar) is available in all colors you can think of and you would like. A Khimar is one of the most covering pieces of clothing and the easiest to put on, it is usually straightforward. With a band that you tie behind your head, everything is actually already over and the khimaar will fall as it should.

In 2018 we offered the latest khimar models online. This is the khimar with coll. The traditional khimar stretches between the head and shoulders which is very uncomfortable. Especially in winter when you wear a lot of clothes. The Khimar with Coll, the name says it all, has a built-in coll. This is a spacious fabric around the neck so that your khimar no longer pulls between the head and the shoulders. This model gives a lot of freedom of movement without having to worry that your khimar will slide off your head because the stick is pulled at the shoulders.

Also a khimar in summer and winter

The khimar can therefore be worn in combination in all seasons. The khimar is a kind of overcoat / coat that you can wear over your winter clothing. Because the khimar standard is quite spacious, you can wear a winter sweater underneath or a blouse in the summer. When purchasing, pay attention to the thickness of the fabric. Islamitischekleding.nl generally offers the microfiber supple, non-translucent and without shine fabric. This one is good for any season.

Buy a Khimar

We offer a very extensive range of khimars, for example we have the following types of Khimars:

Feel free to look around or call us for tailor-made advice. At Islamitischekleding.nl you will certainly pass a khimar, easily ordered online and delivered the next day.

We wish you a lot of shopping pleasure,

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