What is a kandora

What is a kandora

The kandora is a traditional Arabic garment for men. It is made of 1 piece of fabric and therefore has no sewn-on sleeves. The kandora is very popular in the Arab countries and has a very practical function, especially during hot days, namely cooling. In addition, it of course also has a covering function which makes it very suitable for the performance of Islamic prayers. It has a very covering function when the man is in the kneeling position (Sujud).

Most kandoras are about above the man's ankle. The kandora should not be worn sharply on the ground. A kandora has no pockets on one or two sides but an opening to access the pants for personal care or to access your trouser pockets. This is unknown to customers, so it is easy to think of a manufacturing defect.

Substances and types

The kandora comes in many different types and fabrics. You have thinner fabrics and you have thicker fabrics. You have endless different traditional patterns or a solid color. In summer it is a very refreshing piece of clothing because a kandora is quite spacious and in winter you can wear a cardigan or jacket over it. During the warm days it is advisable to go for a natural fabric such as cotton and linen. These have a very good cooling effect compared to polyester.

The collars can differ per design and it will be a matter of seeing what you like more. Choose a good fabric and a nice color that suits you and it covers you perfectly. The kandora is decorated around the collar with gold thread, or in other colors, which gives it a princely appearance.

When to wear a kandora

The kandora, also called Thawb or Dishdasha, is a handy piece of clothing for men and can also be easily combined with smart shoes or slippers or sneakers. The kandora can be great for a holiday or when you need to quickly go to the store, but you can also make a nice outfit from the kandora in your daily life. In Arab countries, the kandora also fulfills the function of an evening gown or as pajamas. The kandora is quite wide as standard, so it fits nicely relaxed and never tight around the body.

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