Being a veiled muslim woman sucks?

Ehmm, no not really actually. It's the bomdotcom. I'll tell you why. While many ignorant people view a veiled woman (like moi) as oppressed, in real life we ​​are living a free and happy mindset knowing that we actually live the way we wish to live. We do not give in to western standard propaganda of the Idea that you have to be “supermodel pretty” to be happy or successful. I know that a good-looking woman has better chances at getting a good job, but bare in mind that this person is the oppressed one. She doesn't have the chance to come to work without her make up on or without her hair done perfectly. Taking up all of the time that she could spend on more important stuff in the morning. Like making a hella good Nutella sandwich or reading some good blogs about worldpeace and how to achieve it. I'm just sayin;)

We get to wrap a knot in our, sometimes, greasy tangly hair, and cover it in an amazing looking headscarf / khimar and still look fly. Who can do that? Yes we can! (Typing this with a DUHH Face) And this is just one out of the many privileges we have. We sometimes forget that this favor brings about so many advantages. From having more time to feeling elibarated from the general beauty peer pressure. It's all about how we make this work for ourselves.

This is an interesting subject and probably has many different opinions from all kinds of woman with different Islamic backgrounds. Why do you feel like being a muslim woman is thebomdotcom?

By Umm sarah